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  • 16 Oct 2018 8:14 PM | Iain Salkield (Administrator)

    Subject: Update - Domestic & Family Violence donations from Spring Walk

    Thank you to everyone who donated towards our Spring Walk fundraiser – we collected an amazing array of toiletries.

    As we had so much, I shared the products across two organisations – the local women’s shelter at Woolloongabba (just near Officeworks) and to the Third Step refuge in Fortitude Valley where homeless women and men can spend the day in a safe environment to have a shower and a sleep.     As of last week, they were completely  out of toiletries for their clients so our gifts were very well received!    In fact, when I was waiting in line to speak with one of the volunteers, a homeless person was paying 50 cents to have a shower and was told there was no shampoo… I said “I can help with that….”.

    Thanks again – it was a great Spring morning and your contributions were warmly received.


  • 15 Oct 2018 11:02 PM | Iain Salkield (Administrator)

    Neil Robertson has sweated blood over his laptop keyboard to bring you a chance to book (and pay) on-line for the Shed's Melbourne Cup festivities.

    Show your respect by clicking on a pic (of the Melbourne Cup on the Shed website) or on the appropriate button in the "Events" area.

    Or just click HERE to register.

  • 14 Oct 2018 9:25 PM | Iain Salkield (Administrator)

    Neil and I will be giving you a chance to look at the Wild Apricot-powered website  that the Shed has been using for about a year. We hope to show you how it can be useful as a communication tool. 

    Bring questions, suggestions and a restricted range of soft projectiles!

  • 14 Oct 2018 9:13 PM | Iain Salkield (Administrator)

    I will be showing a rather ancient video on the Laerdal Defibrillator. It is in the orange box on the wall near the front door to the shed. We might try to track down some more recent videos on the Internet. At the end we will collect the names of those who feel they could use it in an emergency - the quicker it is used the more likely is success.

    The staff from the Hub have been invited as it is a good idea to share this resource. Get your cuppa early! Check your pulse!

  • 17 Sep 2018 11:20 PM | Iain Salkield (Administrator)

    The Sizzles on Wednesday 12th and Saturday 15th were great, particularly if you like your onions "au naturel"

    We were challenged by a city (? nation) - wide deficit of sausages in 24 packs but they were hunted down. 

    The staff at Bunnings were helpful, the customers were generous - they donated $165.40 and bought lots of sausages.

    Last Sizzle of the year will be on the 17th October unless you find me and tell me you have to carry on into November.

  • 26 Aug 2018 2:09 PM | Iain Salkield (Administrator)

    Note the dates and activities:

    Sunday 9th September:            Dutton Park State School Fete. 

    Wednesday 19th September: Autism Hub Walk.

    Tuesday 6th November:           Melbourne Cup Day at the Shed.

    Check for details using the 'events' button  on the menu bar

  • 25 Aug 2018 6:01 PM | Iain Salkield (Administrator)

    As if I have not made it obvious enough - there are two Sizzles in mid-September for which there are already a good number of volunteers, but particularly on Saturday we are likely to be stressed. Even if you cannot formally attend it would be nice for the Sizzlers to be contacted with offers of short term help - get ice, onions, give a toilet break! Ring me on 0437 567 931 and I will let you know what you could do to help.

  • 9 Jul 2018 10:43 PM | Iain Salkield (Administrator)

    I have just put the registration details for the next sausage sizzle into the Events area. Respond to the email I have sent or find the registration button in the events area. You may need to click "NEXT MONTH" at the top of the page.

    Otherwise register at the shed.

     Looking forward to some new names!

  • 9 Jul 2018 10:13 PM | Iain Salkield (Administrator)

    After the problem with the last Sizzle we have been offered a WEEKEND Sausage Sizzle on Saturday 15th September. Before I accept it I would like to be sure that we can staff it. Remember that we will have just done a sausage sizzle on the 12th so we need some new names.

    Please respond to my email or check the Event button for the 15th September or sign up in the shed over the next week. 

    If I do not hear from enough people we may have to let Bunnings know that we will not be taking the offer.

  • 4 Jul 2018 5:48 PM | Iain Salkield (Administrator)

    I am writing to apologise for the problems we had this morning with the sausage sizzle. It will have been disappointing to have had your time constrained to little purpose and sad to see some resources disposed off with little benefit.

    There was an unfortunate failure of communication between myself and Bunnings which we have discussed and have sorted out. I will make a suggestion to the Bunnings representative about a further approach which may have benefits for all concerned, but will take a little time to implement if accepted.

    In the meantime we have been offered a Saturday Sausage Sizzle (15th September), which is a generous response to the problem. Please think about whether you can help on that day and let David Spillane, Brian Massey, Norbert, Neil, Steve Chakalakis or myself know.

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