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Leather Belt - 38mm wide 5 strand Mystery Plait

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An interesting, very durable wide 5 strand plaited belt, but how was the plait made? The belt blank is natural veg-tanned, or coloured cow hide 3 mm thick and 38mm wide. The centre section of the belt is cut lengthwise into five narrow strips that form a 5 strand plait, but there are no ends or joins. How is this possible? The belt is fitted with a 38mm either gold (brass) or silver (nickel) buckle and keeper, at your choice, and it is finished with black edge coating and sealed with leather Seal and Shine. A range of standard belt lengths are available. The nominated length should approximate to the required waist size, measured at your preferred belt position. The nominated size is actually the length from the root of the buckle pin to the midpoint of a set of six buckle holes in the tail of the belt. Special orders, involving unusual sizes are possible on special request. If you have included a Special order request, we will contact you to sort out the details. Also, you are able to include your comments on special requirements during the checkout ordering process.

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